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Tuesday, December 10, 2013

PMS_Reversal System for Ninjatrader Upgrade

Hello Traders !

We all know that one of the Key Factors to success on any Setup is the Money Management.
So we decided to upgrade all our PMS Semi/Full Auto Systems adding this feature.
Even being the PMS's Systems originally focused to Manual Trading with Automatic Assisted Entry, when we trade several setups at the same time, it turns complicated to keep track each Setup Performance.

The first Setup Upgraded is the PMS_Reversal, currently on version v4b :
On the following Picture we can see Both New Input Parameters :
If current Daily Profit or Daily Loss exceeds those input parameters. no more orders will be issued by the rest of the session, or until the user change the parameters.

Example with a Daily Limit Profit of $500

Another additional feature asked by several traders is the Delayed Entry Order Cancellation.

On this YouTube video we can see the New PMS_Reversal in Action :

On the following days, the rest of the PMS Systems ; EMA, SRS will include the Money Management Feature. Stay tuned for more Features !

If you are a current user of the PMS_Reversal, log into your account to download the last version.

Best Regards,

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Saturday, November 9, 2013

Main Product Lines

Take a look at our 3 different Product Lines

TIS : Indicators

All product names start with "TIS_"

The "Setup Indicators" are Complete Trade Setups created by combination of "Basic Tools"

They have Entry Price Indication on Screen, Audio and Visual Alerts

We have to wait, aim, and pull the trigger

PMS : Semi Setups

All product names start with "PMS_"
PMS Indicators are "TIS Setup Indicators" and an Entry Technique with the enhancement of tracking the Market and placing orders in the Market.
Semi SetupsIf Market is too fast for Us or we use to get distracted at entry times, the PMS enters at the correct price, if We allow it. It is controlled via Buttons from the Chart Tool Bar
So we can use them from Chart Trader, let the PMS enter the market by us, and then we can manage the trade as if the Entry Orders were placed by Us.

We only pull the trigger...
The PMS will auto guide the Entries
2 Modes of Operation
Semi : Shot by Shot
Full : Trigger Locked

PM : Strategies

All product names start with "PM_"
The PM products are full auto strategies, following the TIS Setup and an Entry Technique.
They offer multiple Time Windows to Operate and Money Management.
The main purpose is to backest and optimize the setups.
Can also be used to auto trade 

Good Trading !
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Friday, October 25, 2013

Semi Automatic Systems for Ninjatrader - October Update

Our New Lines of Semi Traders Now Include More User Options :

  • Option to select the ATM from the ToolBar
Now we can change the name of the ATM to be used on next trade by just typing its name on the toolbar, without the need to go to the Indicator Properties : we just focus on defining next trade size and management

I use to have different ATM's saved for different purposes ; quick scalp, big targets ahead with several scale outs, quick trails, etc
And also found the best way to change trade management on the fly is using the Chart Trader ATM Edit to create new custom ATM's to use on the Strategy Toolbar :

  • Option to Select System Behavior when having a position and a New Entry signal happens...

On this example we are trailing the Stop of a Short Gold, but now we have a "possible" reversal signal.
That signal will be confirmed at the close of the bar and we have to take a decision about what to do with the current position..

We have several options in case the long signal is confirmed ; 

  • We can ignore the signal and keep holding our short
  • We can initiate a New Long trade, leaving the current Short as a different separate trade.
  • We can close the short at long entry price
  • We can reverse the position, closing the short at same price where We start the Long
One of the New Input Parameters (Position_Manage) on our New line of semi automatic Systems allows to define all these described methods:

Not Flat and Incoming New Signal Options :
Current Position vs Signal
1) Do Nothing
Same Sign
Different Sign
Original Position Remains
2) Enter New Trade
Same Sign
Different Sign
Increase Trade Size
Long & Short at same time
3) Close Current Position
Same Sign
Different Sign
Do not Apply
4) Close Current and Enter New
Same Sign
Different Sign
Do not Apply

On this video you can see the most important features on our New Line of Semi Automatic Strategies :

Visit our YouTube Video Channel to see more demonstrations about all our systems

Let me know if you have any question.

Best Regards,

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Friday, October 18, 2013

Ninjatrader Indicators - 2013-10-18- Trade Log

Hello Traders !  Happy Friday, Options Expiration Day and CL Contract Rollover !

Crude Oil
has switched its volume to the New Contract today, so I expect we will ready to trade CL again Next Monday over the New CL 12-13 Contract.

Only one trade today, on DAX :
Short using the SRS Setup ...

We got Target 1 and then started to trail :

Have a Great Weekend !

Let me know if you have any question

Best Regards,

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Thursday, October 17, 2013

Ninjatrader Indicators - 2013-10-17- Trade Log

Hello Traders, these are the trades for today ;

Crude Oil ; I am not trading Crude Oil today, CL is currently rolling contracts and the volume of the New contract is almost at same level than the current (old) contract.
Today we should also had the Crude Oil Report, but it is currently unscheduled...
Yellow Line is New ( CL 12-13 ) Contract, Green is the Current ( CL 11-13) :

On the British Pound, 6B for Futures, and GBPUSD for Forex, we had 2 shorts on global resistance.
Using the SRS Setup it was possible to get Target 1 on both.

Later, on the DAX ( FDAX 12-13 ) we had a long over global support
...with 2 possible targets :

..both reached and filled without issues...

Tomorrow is Options Expirations, so possible a slow day, with CL rolling to the new Contract... I guess we should take a Long weekend !

Let me know if you have any question

Best Regards,

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