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Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Small Range Strategy for Ninjatrader

The Small Range Indicator for Ninjatrader has been finally Automated !

If you like the Small Range Setup, one of the most easy to configure and follow, with the best results, then you will love this automated version :
The PM_Small_Range_Trader strategy will trade the Small Range Setup Signals ( as explained on previous post of this blog ) with the following enhancements :

  • We can specify 3 different Time Windows where to place orders, and also define if positions must be held outside those windows
  • When we have a signal, the system will place a stop entry order and keep adjusting its value until we get a fill or the signal is gone.
  • When the signal is gone without a fill, We can also define the number of bars to keep the order alive. Sometimes, on manual trading I leave the order by just one bar until I cancel it.
Now we can backtest and get the optimal results; on Gold and Crude Oil I found that using 1 bar ( instead of zero ) is the best option.

On the following picture we can see both ; the indicator and the strategy on a trade setup where the usual cancel at next gray bar is outperformed by the strategy by waiting one extra bar before cancelling the order :

This video shows how I manual place orders on 4 different markets ( Crude Oil, Gold, Euro and British Pound ) using the TIS_Small_Range Indicator :

....and on this new video, I show how to auto trade the same 4 Instruments :

Please post any question or comments here !

Good Trading !
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