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Saturday, April 13, 2013

PM_EMA_Bouncer Strategy for Ninjatrader Update

EMA Bouncer Strategy for Ninjatrader - Version 2

We have added a New Configuration to the Bouncer Strategy to allow for New Possible Setups.
The classic use was waiting for price to reach an envelope around a moving Average to be Trade Ready.
Then the trade was in direction to the EMA, and the entry was a Stop order placed somewhere between the trigger envelope and the EMA.
On this new version We are including a possible entry at a bigger envelope than the Entry

On this configuration, the entry order must be limit type.
After a Fill, the strategy waits for a reset before taking new entries.
On these example pictures, the green line is the trigger line.
The yellow line is the entry line.
If the market is impulsing, on a free fall or upside move, after having a loss, the strategy will wait for a reset as shown on the following picture :

This configuration can be used together with the classic style of stop entry above the trigger line :

On this example we can see the firs Long was a limit entry at the yellow line, the second long is a buy stop at the entry envelope

A short YouTube video showing both strategies trading together :

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Thursday, April 4, 2013

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

SRS Indicator for Ninjatrader for Trend and Counter Trend Setups

SRS Indicator ( Small Range Setup ) for NinjaTrader

This Setup, and its associated Indicator and Strategy, were designed to Trade in the direction of the trend ;

A Fast Period for the Envelope, a Slow Period for the Moving Average is the classic Setup that shows Red Bars when trending down, with orange diamonds indicating Sell Stop Entries at each small pullback ;

I have used this configuration for years. But just a few weeks ago, after the automation of the Indicator and the release of the SRS Strategy and its use with the Strategy Analyzer allowed us to find New and really Interesting Configurations....

What if we make the Envelope Period slower than the Moving Average ?

Now we get counter trend Signals ! ... 

....but does it work ?

Well, the first thing we do with a strategy is Optimizing its Settings 
And when we set the limits of the periods to scan on the optimizer, there is no option on Ninja to specify something like "scan all envelope periods and all moving average periods while envelope period be higher than moving average"...
No, it will just test all combinations...
But my logic was; it doesnt matters ! the optimizer will just discard those undesired scenarios because of being unprofitable...

But the surprise was that for some particular Instruments like Gold or Crude Oil , the best Configuration are Counter Trend Setups !...

Both current versions of Indicator and Strategy are prepared to trade counter trend setups, but we have to take into account that counter trend entries are really fast. Using the Indicator is useful to identify setups but may be too fast for some people to place and adjust the entry orders.

The last version of the indicator has audio alerts and we can use the alert window where we can see all signals and entry price together ( if we have the SRS indicator loaded on several charts at same time ) :

The Strategy can be used on Trend and Counter Trend Setups, with single position management :

It can be configured to take multiple ( user defines the maximum position size ) entries :

Each entry is individual and has its own user defined stop an target...

And it can also be configured to take multiple entries managing the whole position as a single trade averaging the whole trade into a unique averaged entry with its user defined stop and target :

Hope this post has been useful and let you expand your trading opportunities...
Let me know if you have any question posting here or sending me an email.


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