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Thursday, January 2, 2014

Semi Automatic Systems for Ninjatrader - January 2014

Hello Traders,

Following our plans to upgrade all our PMS Systems to the last version, as shown on PMS_Reversal System for Ninjatrader Upgrade

We are prod to announce that our 3 Setups ; EMA, SRS and Reversal are upgraded to the last version including Position Management and Money Management.

About the PMS Systems
The PMS Systems are an integration of a Setup Indicator and an Entry Technique.
As we know, Ninja do NOT allow to use Chart Trader on a Chart were we have a strategy applied...
To solve that issue, we developed the PMS Systems ; that integrates an indicator and a strategy...

The indicator is applied to the Chart, and it calculates all the trade Setup and Entry Price.

Once the Indicator ( PMS_SRS, PMS_EMA or PMS_Reversal ) is applied to the Chart, we get the following toolbar, with indications of the name of the Setup ( EMA on this example ), Enable Next Long , Enable Next Short and the name of the ATM to be used on Orders.

The Strategy ( with same name as the Indicator ) is applied to Control Center Strategy Tab, not to the chart, so we can use Chart Trader.
The indicator send Entry Price Info to the strategy, and it convert them to orders to be sent to the exchange.
The Orders can then be moved and managed by the user without affecting the strategy.

All the settings are defined in the Indicator. The strategy has no parameters other than the Instrument to trade, and the Account were to send the Orders.

The current version of PMS on all our Setups now include these settings :
  • ATM_Name : default name of ATM. Can be changed from the toolbar
  • Manual Mode : If Long button is enabled, after a fill it gets disabled, so we need to press it again for a new trade. If manual mode is set to false, the button status will remain unchanged after a fill
  • MM_Max_Daily_Loss : It is a negative value. If Daily Loss is equal or greater, the system will not take more trades
  • MM_Max_Daily_Profit : It is a positive value. If Daily Profit is equal or greater, the system will not take more trades
  • Position Manage : If we get a signal while being in the Market we have 4 options : 1=do nothing, 2=Enter New trade, 3=Close current Position, 4=Reverse (default and suggested)
  • Show_PnL : Show Current Daily PnL and Last Trade Result

Please let me know if you have any question...

Best Regards,

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