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Saturday, February 1, 2014

Most Successful Strategies for Ninjatrader

Most Successful Strategies for Ninjatrader

Our Most Useful and Flexible Setups are :
  • EMA ( trending setup )
  • SRS ( trend and counter trend setup )
  • Reversal ( counter trend setup ) ...currently available only on semi automatic mode

The SRS Setup is covered on these links :

On this link you will learn How it Works : The Indicator Store: Small Range Setup
( on this early version it was used as a trending system )
Later I explained how to use it on counter trend mode : SRS for Trend and Counter Trend Setups

This video is about the Semi Automatic Indicator ( PMS_SRS ) 
...that allows to trade the Setup from Chart Trader using ATM Orders : PMS_SRS_v6 - YouTube
And this is my last Ninja Webinar were I explains the basics of the Setup : NinjaTrader Partner Presentations - 3/20/2013 - YouTube
Powerpoint used in the Ninja Webinar : Link

The Reversal Setup is covered on these links :

It is an overbought/oversold indicator that uses stochastics to predict possible Market Reversals
The logic is explained on this Post : Selling Tops and Buying Lows on Ninjatrader
The Automated version is shown on this Post : PMS_Reversal System for Ninjatrader Upgrade
This link has a video about the PMS version ( semi/full automatic )
This is the link to the powerpoint used on the Ninja Webinar Ninja Webinar Link

The EMA Setup is covered on these links :
The EMA setup uses 2 indicators ; 
You can find info about this setup on the following posts :
If you feel comfortable with this Trending Setup, you can choose one of our dedicated packages ;
With TIS_EMA you can do visual backtests, and also get real time alert and entry price indications
With PM_EMA you can automate the setup, generate backtests and optimizations.
With PMS_EMA it is possible to auto trade the setup with user control of the trade ; we can allow/avoid next trade and also move the orders. The system enters the market using our preferred ATM Order Management andthe releases the control to us.

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Some examples on last trades :
  • This is a Reversal ( Green Dot ) overlapping an SRS ( Cyan Diamond ) Long : LINK
  • This Short is an SRS Signal ( Orange Diamond ) : LINK
  • This is an EMA entry ( Red dotted line ) Short : LINK
  • We can see 2 short reversal signals ( red dots ) and 2 long reversal signals ( green dots ) : LINK
Let me know if you have any question...

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