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Thursday, May 8, 2014

Semi Automatic Systems for Ninjatrader

Semi Automatic Systems for Ninjatrader

Today we are going to cover in detail the Semi Automatic Systems features.

First of all, some definitions ;

... A Semi Automatic System is ...

  1. It is an Indicator that paints on the Chart a defined Setup.
  2. It also shows the Price Entry and sometimes there is also a visual and audio Alert
  3. Adds a Toolbar on the Chart with Buttons to Select Enable Long | Enable Short
  4. Some versions also add a Toolbar to select an ATM Name
As we can see, the points 1 and 2 are common on all our Setup Indicators

The main difference is on point 3 ;
A Semi Automatic System is an  Indicator that allows all to place Orders  in the Market

There is one important reason to use a Ninjatrader Indicator and not a Strategy, and this is because when we place a Strategy on a Chart, we can not use Chart Trader. If we can not use Chart Trader, then we can not see the orders on the chart.

A Semi Automatic System is an  Indicator  so we can use it on a Chart with Chart Trader enabled. From the Chart we can click on the corresponding Enable Trade Buttons and the system will wait for the next signal on the corresponding side and enter the market at the correct Entry Price using the User Selected ATM Order. On most advanced Automated Systems, we can also select the ATM name from the Tool Bar.

As we can see on the picture, the Indicator adds to the Tool Bar these options :
  • Title of the Setup ( SRS on this example )
  • Button to Allow Next Long Signal Entry
  • Button to Allow Next Short Signal Entry
  • Dialog Box to set the Name of the ATM to be used
There are 2 Modes of Use ; 
Semi Automatic
After a Fill, the Button gets disabled. So we need to click on it to take another Entry.
Buttons can be locked. The system will take all signals ( All Longs, All Shorts or All Signals )

Why using ATM ?
Each time the system issues an ATM Order, it released the management to the Ninja ATM Module as on manual placed Orders.
This way the User has full Control over the Orders.
As we Know, an ATM contains definitions about 3 different positions :

Each Position has its own Size, Stop, Target, Trailing Stop and Auto Break Even.
We can change any of the ATM definitions while the System is working without disabling it. The next order will use the new settings.

A Semi Automatic System can trade or auto trade ANY Setup ( User can choose from our list or define its own rules ) from Chart Trader using ATM Orders with all explained features plus....

Money Management Module
The user can define the Max Daily Loss and/or Max Daily Profit limits for the day.
After one of those limits are reached the system will not allow to take more trades.

Position Management Selection
It is possible to get a signal while the system is already in the Market.
The signal can be on same side or against our current trade.
The user has full control about how the system must proceed selecting the value of Position_Manage according to this table :

The System is Not Flat and we have a New Entry Signal :
Current Position vs Signal
1) Do Nothing
Same Sign
Different Sign
Original Position Remains
2) Enter New Trade
Same Sign
Different Sign
Increase Trade Size
Long & Short at same time
3) Close Current Position
Same Sign
Different Sign
Do not Apply
4) Close Current and Enter New
Same Sign
Different Sign
Do not Apply

On the following Video you can see an example of a Semi Automatic System :

As a reminder, 
  • Any Setup can be converted to a Semi Automatic System
    We recommend our Setups ; SRS, EMA, Reversal, Supertrend, ATRBC
  • A Semi Automatic System can work in Full Automatic Mode
  • A Semi Automatic System can work in Semi Automatic Mode ; the user must approve the Entry
  • The Orders ( Targets and Stops ) can be moved by the User
  • The user can define Daily Loss and Profit Limits for the Day
  • The User can define the behavior when having multiple signals.

Please let me know if you have any question or would like to get more info about converting your particular Setup to this format.

Best Regards,

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