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Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Trade Setup using 3 Exponential Moving Averages

Hello! Friends!

We meet again to share 2 easy Setups using 3 EMA's:
 ( valid also for other averaging lines like HMA, SMA, etc) .

We know that the EMAs are the most basic indicators

They can have a  Slow ( S) , Medium ( M) and Fast ( F) Period

Example:   F 10  /   S 50 / M 20

1) Set Up: Enter the Market when the 3 lines align in same direction and order.

2) Set up: The Crossover of Lines F ( Fast )  with M  ( Medium)
are filtered according to the  S ( Slow) line position.

Este cruce alcista esta filtrado porque esta por debajo de la linea negra.

Find more details on this YouTube Video :