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Sunday, March 18, 2018

Automate Trading Signals

Hello Everyone,

Markers is a System ( an indicator ) that once applied to a Chart, can be configured to detect signals and execute an Order.

Example : We can configure Markers so when a Blue Arrow Up is painted on the Chart, a Long Order is executed.

That signal can be painted by any indicator or even by one of Markers Plus Tools.

Let say you have an indicator like Supertrend, it paint Arrows at each trend change :

With Markers you can convert this indicator into a complete fully automated system.

It is posible to define a time interval where to trade, a daily limit for losses and/or profits.

The system can also be configured to trade in full automatic mode or semi automatic mode.
On semi automatic mode, the user enables the next long and/or short signal and the system will wait for the signal and execute that order only.

The orders use the standard ATM configuration you already use where you can define multiple positions, each one with its own trade size, target, stop, trailing, break even, etc.

The orders can also be moved by the user without affecting the system.

Markers is available for both NinjaTrader versions ; 7 & 8
All current and previous users get both versions and all future upgrades.

Markers includes Tech Support  via TeamViewer or Skype Screen Sharing, so you dont need to worry about the learning curve ; if you dont know how to do something, just ask me !

Markers is available on 2 versions : Markers Lite & Markers Plus and it is possible to upgrade from Lite to Plus.

The main difference between both products is that Markers Plus not only detects objects, it can also create signals and filters.
Read more about the differences on this old post : Markers System - Tutorial #2

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On this YouTube Playlist you will find more Markers related videos.

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