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Saturday, September 27, 2014

New SRS Extreme Setup (SRSx) for Ninjatrader

New SRSx Strategy : SRS Extreme

This Setup is focused to volatile Markets where entering at a pullback is not an efficient solution.

Uses same logic as SRS to define the trend, so it has 3 states ( Neutral, Bullish and Bearish ) using and Envelope and a Moving Average.

On the classic SRS, when the fast ema crosses outside the envelope, we have a trend and start looking for an entry at a pullback.
On SRSx we just enter the Market :

On this example we can see the fast moving average ( blue line ) crossing below the envelope starting a new down trend ( red bars )

The classic SRS waits for a pullback and enters a Sell Stop Entry Order over the Orange Diamond :

On SRSx we enter the Market at first Red Bar.
Doing some minor changes on the classic SRS Input Parameters we can get this New Setup on our Charts :


On this YouTube video we can see how to create a Chart with the SRSx Setup using the SRS Indicator :

On this link you can get the SRS Indicator :
On this link you can get the Markers System :
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