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Monday, July 4, 2022

Markers Plus - Release 2021-10

NOTE : The previous release must be uninstalled before installing this version
  1. UPDATE PROCEDURE 1) Save the current workspace 2) Tools, Remove Ninjascript : Select and remove the current Markers Version 3) Tools, Import Ninjascript : Select and Install the new downloaded ZIP ninjascript corresponding to the new Markers Version 4) Restart NinjaTrader without saving the workspace
  1. List of Changes/Additions/Fixes
  2. Markers Logic
  3. The "Logic to Analyze" now supports negative numbers anywhere ( including after a multiplication or after a parenthesis ; 2 * -3 or 3+ ( -5 * 3 ) )
  4. It also supports unlimited nested parenthesis levels : close[0] > hma[0] + ( atr[0] * ( 5 + ticksize * 2.5 ))
  5. The Alert Option was included ( this was the only option missing to fully replace the AND indicator
  6. Markers Paint
  7. All the features on MArkers Logic are now present on Markers Paint
  8. The bug avoiding painting variables with index different than zero is solved : hma[0] - hma[1] ( was not working on previous version
  9. Markers Plus
  10. This new release includes the old and the new version
  11. Previosuly saved templates will keep working using the old version
  12. The new release ( MArkers Plus 2021 ) eliminated the old filter method
  13. and incorporates the logic present on Markers Logic
  14. This is the old filter method
  15. This is the new filtering option
  16. This filtering method allow to use AND, OR, and multiple parenthesis levels
  17. IMPORTANT Both MArkers versions are included so the user have time to convert his templates using the new filter Same applies to the AND & OR indicators that will be removed on next releases when all users have their templates updated using MArkers Logic
  19. Image
  20. When a signal is detected, as we know Market can enter at Market...
  21. ...or place an Entry Order at a place adding an offset and waiting no more than X Bars
  22. Example :
  23. Image
  24. For long signals, Markers places an order at High ( of the signal bar ) - 5 ticks and waits no more than 4 bars to get a fill
  25. Using Custom now we can specify the Entry Price
  26. Image
  27. using the same features present on Markers Logic
  28. Example : if we copy an hma and the atr
  29. we can use this entry order model
  30. Image
  31. Note : Auto mode will define if using Limit or stop acording to the position of the entry price in relation to price action

  1. WHATS NEW 1) Markers Logic : Problem with negative numbers is solved 2) Markers Logic : Added the Cancel Condition :
  2. Image
  3. Sustain allow to extend N Bars the result of the Logic to Analyze unlezz the CAncel condition is True. Use 0 (zero ) to ignore cancel conditions Example :
  4. Image
When there is a red bar followed by a green bar, the condition will be kept true for the following 10 bars, unless a red bar is coming 3) New Internal variables added to Markers Logic & Markers Paint Internal Variables
  1. Example to draw the Body of each Bar
  2. Image
  3. SAme as before, but expressed in ticks
  4. Lower Wicks in Ticks
  5. Time Limits
  6. Image
  7. Image
  8. This is the condition used on this 2 time windows filter ( time[0] > 93000 AND time[0] < 113000 ) OR ( time[0] > 123000 AND time[0] < 133000 )
  9. How to detect a bar at a defined time
  10. Different ways to detect a new day
  11. ( the second method also detects Sundays )
  12. Image