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Monday, January 7, 2013

Impulse Setup on EURUSD and AAPL

Hello, Welcome !
On this new Article we continue analyzing the Impulse Setup. Now the question is ; Is this useful for Forex or Stocks ? .... YES ! !
On this publication I will share with you examples of application of the Impulse Setup On Forex and also on Stocks ( AAPL ).

The following chart is a 15 Minutes EURUSD with the Impulse Setup Indicator applied.

We can see several shorts happened last week, and today we had the first long ( currently a nice winner )

Estrategia de Impulso en Forex, par EURUSD, 15 Minutos

And now an example on Stocks, for example a 15 minute AAPL chart :

Estrategia de Impulso en AAPL

The number of trades is much lower on stocks than Forex, and the number of signals on Forex is even much lower than Futures. But the system works anywhere.
Please remember that on previous posts I have much more detailed information about this Setup.
The Indicator Store has dedicated Indicators and Strategies for this setup, to visualize, identify, backtest and optimize its settings. 

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