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Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Impulse Trades of the Week

These are the Last Trades of the Impulse Setup, as we explained the last week

British Pound Futures ( 6B ) and Forex ( GBPUSD)

The chart has overlapped the entry markers of the Indicator TIS_Impulse_Indicator and the entries executed by the PM_Impulse Strategy.

As we see there is only 1 entry missed due the time filter used on the strategy.

Euro Futures ( 6E ) and Forex ( EURUSD)

This chart shows the same setup executed on Euro Futures ( or EUR-USD Currency Pair on Forex ).
We are missing one trade again, because the start time adjustment of the strategy.

As we already explained, the Impulse Setup Logic is SIMPLE;

When a Fast Band is above a Small Band, We are in Long mode.
When a Fast Band is below Small Band, We are in Short mode.

..on old versions ( PM_Impulse_v2), Fast Band was just a moving average. This behavior can be emulated on this last version using a null width.

Once We are in Long/Short Mode, the system Entry on all prior versions was related to the Slow Band.
On this new release, we can take more aggressive entries by referring the Entry to a different Band. I suggest using the Fast, but any Period can be selected.
On the following example, we are using the same Impulse Setup on Euro but changing the Entry to the Fast Band :

We are proud to announce that the new version of the Impulse Strategy ; PM_Impulse_V6 is ready and will be delivered to all current owners of PM_Impulse.
It can trade all setups covered by prior versions and all combinations available on the TIS_Impulse Indicator, so the combinations of different setups is huge.
Impulse V6 has the Donchian Channel Filter introduced on V5, Trend Filter, AutoBreakeven , and Trailing Stop using the TIS_Multitrail Indicator.

Input Parameters of PM_Impulse_V6

Please post any questions or suggestions or send me an email.
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