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Friday, January 18, 2013

Week Trades using Indicators for Ninjatrader from The Indicator Store

Hello ! We will describe the trades we could execute this past week using the Indicators for Ninjatrader designed by The Indicator Store ; TIS_Small_Range and TIS_Impulse_Trader.

Impulse Strategy

On the following charts, we can see the entries of the Impulse Setup on the British Pound  ( Forex : GBPUSD ) and a comparison of its entries to the futures version ( 6B )
Impulse Setup on GBPUSD R6
As we can see on the next chart, this system is valid on Forex and futures, showing the same entries on both
The only difference is the tick value ( $6.25 ) vs GBPUSD pip value.
Impulse Setup on 6B R6
The British Pound (6B)(GBPUSD) has been moving very well this week, making this strategy very profitable.
The Timeframe used is Range 6 and the parameters are :
Slow Moving Average Period =
Channel Size = 8 ticks/pips
Fast Moving Average = 8
Entry = -3 ticks/pips from Slow moving Average
On the following Chart, we see the same Strategy applied to the euro-dolar pair (EURUSD).
As we already explained, this is also valid for Euro Future ( 6E ).
Impulse Setup on EURUSD R6
 On this example, we had 3 sell signals today ; 1st got the initial target, 2nd was a loser and last short got 1st and 2nd target ( or exited at trailing stop )
For the Euro Setup We replace the fixed envelope by a Bollinger ;
Bollinger Period = 50 , Standard Dev = 0.5
Fast Moving Average = 8
Channel Size = 5 ticks ( around Fast Moving average)
Entry = Slow Bollinger Band with Standard Deviation = 0.8

Small Range Setup

This chart shows the Small Range Setup applied to Gold using a 9 Range Timeframe.
Small Range Setup on GC 9R
Today , Gold was mostly on sideways mode, without allowing to get bigger targets than usual.
We had a long with a target 1 winner and runner out at breakeven. Then a short winner, again, with runners out at breakeven, and finally a short loser.
Have a Great Long Weekeend !

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