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Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Semiautomatic Strategies for Ninjatrader

Semiautomatic Strategies for NinjaTrader

The semiautomatic setups are useful for those who, even following a known rule setup, prefer to have full control over the selection of signals, and the management of targets and stops.

Using a semiautomatic approach we can fully auto trade a setup with the benefit of choosing which trade setups we want to trade. And once we have a position, we can leave the default target and stop or move them to our desired place.

This is a description of what is possible and what is not :

A Semi Automatic Setup can :
  • Show current trade setup the same way its associated indicator does.
  • Trade all signals the same way the associated strategy does.
  • Place orders on SIM, LIVE, Market Replay and Simulated Feed
  • Trade on Market Replay at Full Speed ( 500 x )
A Semi Automatic Setup can NOT :
  • Show Historical Trades
  • Be used on Strategy Analyzer
  • Be used on Strategy Optimizer
What Is a semiautomatic Setup ?
  • It is a Custom Indicator and a Custom Strategy. Both with same name
  • The Indicator send signals to the Strategy, so the Setup parameters are defined into the Indicator.
  • The Strategy just receives signals from the Indicator, so its only parameters are the trade size, targets and stop.
  • We can change settings on the Indicator without disabling the Strategy
How we use it ?
  • First we add the Indicator to the Chart and set its Input parameter until we verify that entries correspond to our setup
  • Then we add the strategy with correct trade size, default target and stop to same chart. And enable the strategy.
  • As soon the strategy is enabled we get a new tool bar on the chart menu indicating the name of the Setup, and the options to enable Next Long and Next Short Signals.

  • Once the selected signal appears, and its entry order gets a filled, we can manage the position targets and stop moving them with the mouse on another chart with chart trader enabled
  • Orders can also be moved through the Orders Tab

YouTube video.
  • A full description about the use of the Semiautomatic Setups can be found on the following video

Automation of any Indicator
  • With the interface used on these semiautomatic packs, any indicator can be converted to semi automatic with minimum changes.
  • The main strategy core used will be updated with future enhancements that will include more user control through buttons
  • Future upgrades include ;
  • Selection of Trade Size on the toolbar
  • Enabling AutoBreakeven from the toolbar
  • Enabling Trailing Stop from the toolbar
  • Config Trailing Stop from the toolbar
  • More Options selected by user request.
The list of setups currently available at TIS can be found here

Please feel free to post any question or suggestions to this New Program

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