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Tuesday, October 15, 2013

New Reversal Strategy for Ninjatrader - Review

Hello Traders !

As you may remember, some time ago we talked about the different ways to detect reversals, using divergences, stochastics, etc...
Take a look at that entry on this link : "Selling Tops..."

We also applied an Entry Technique ; RBO using Stop Orders to Enter The Market when we have a Confirmed Reversal Signal.
This is an example of an Entry Order after a Confirmed Over Bought Signal :

I usually use 3 ticks for the offset, and the entry is cancelled if we don't get a fill on the following bar when we place the order ; so that is 2 bars after the signal

The settings I am using for the ATM ( using 2 contracts ) are these :

The System uses ATM Orders, so we can define several setting on the ATM definitions ; 
3 positions, individual sizes, targets, stops, auto trails, auto break evens, etc.
On this video we can see how this setup worked today :

There are more different configurations and instruments on these other video Links :
Video #2 :
Video #3 :

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