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Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Ninjatrader Indicators - 2013-10-15- Trade Log

Hello everyone,

These are the trades for Today :

British Pound Futures ( 6B ) or its Forex equivalent ( GBPUSD ) :

I am going long over a well defined Support :

The Red Horizontal line is a possible Wave 4 Finish, and Wave 5 Start, as seen on this higher time frame chart :

On Crude Oil, we are again testing same Support Area as we did yesterday :

So, using the SRS Setup We had several opportunities to get Long there today ;

Gold, started the day in sideways mode ( so no signals ), very far from any Support and Resistance.
But on a very fast move, it reached the Global Resistance at a 61.8% Retracement and it had an SRS Short Entry with Target in less than 1 Minute :
So the only way to get inside that trade would be in automatic mode and possibly with a high slippage.
It later retested again that same zone, now slower so it was possible to get short :
And then it moved higher testing a New Resistance zone overlapping the low made on October 1st :

Finishing the day early again...

Let me know if you have any question

Best Regards,

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