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Thursday, October 17, 2013

Ninjatrader Indicators - 2013-10-17- Trade Log

Hello Traders, these are the trades for today ;

Crude Oil ; I am not trading Crude Oil today, CL is currently rolling contracts and the volume of the New contract is almost at same level than the current (old) contract.
Today we should also had the Crude Oil Report, but it is currently unscheduled...
Yellow Line is New ( CL 12-13 ) Contract, Green is the Current ( CL 11-13) :

On the British Pound, 6B for Futures, and GBPUSD for Forex, we had 2 shorts on global resistance.
Using the SRS Setup it was possible to get Target 1 on both.

Later, on the DAX ( FDAX 12-13 ) we had a long over global support
...with 2 possible targets :

..both reached and filled without issues...

Tomorrow is Options Expirations, so possible a slow day, with CL rolling to the new Contract... I guess we should take a Long weekend !

Let me know if you have any question

Best Regards,

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