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Saturday, November 9, 2013

Main Product Lines

Take a look at our 3 different Product Lines

TIS : Indicators

All product names start with "TIS_"

The "Setup Indicators" are Complete Trade Setups created by combination of "Basic Tools"

They have Entry Price Indication on Screen, Audio and Visual Alerts

We have to wait, aim, and pull the trigger

PMS : Semi Setups

All product names start with "PMS_"
PMS Indicators are "TIS Setup Indicators" and an Entry Technique with the enhancement of tracking the Market and placing orders in the Market.
Semi SetupsIf Market is too fast for Us or we use to get distracted at entry times, the PMS enters at the correct price, if We allow it. It is controlled via Buttons from the Chart Tool Bar
So we can use them from Chart Trader, let the PMS enter the market by us, and then we can manage the trade as if the Entry Orders were placed by Us.

We only pull the trigger...
The PMS will auto guide the Entries
2 Modes of Operation
Semi : Shot by Shot
Full : Trigger Locked

PM : Strategies

All product names start with "PM_"
The PM products are full auto strategies, following the TIS Setup and an Entry Technique.
They offer multiple Time Windows to Operate and Money Management.
The main purpose is to backest and optimize the setups.
Can also be used to auto trade 

Good Trading !
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