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Thursday, February 12, 2015

Managing Multiple Positions on Ninjatrader

Managing Multiple Positions on Ninjatrader allows to be Long and Short at Same time

When we follow more than one Setup on an Instrument, it is possible that we may need to trade an Instrument which is already being traded.

Usually we have different Setups on Different Charts for each Setup we Follow, but when we trade the same instrument multiple times on same account we get mixed orders making the analysis of each setup confuse.

Let see on the following pictures how can we manage that situation on Ninjatrader using the Chart Trader :

On this Chart we can see an example of a Long Trade of 1 contract with its corresponding ATM Stop and Target 

Later, following a different Setup from other Chart we decide to Enter Short also 1 contract, so the net result would be flat.
And we get the same mixed orders and positions on all Charts ( assuming we are trading both setups on same Account )

On this picture we can see that there is no position and targets above and below the market. Same for the Stops.

We can configure Ninjatrader Chart Trader to focus on an individual ATM and show only its corresponding position, target and stops.

For that we right click over Chart trader...

Select Chart Trader Properties...

..and change the "ATM Selection Mode" to "DisplaySelectedAtmStrategyOnly"

Then, on Chart Trader we select which one of the current active ATM Order we want to show :

We can see that we have 2 active ATM Orders, one for the Long and the other for the Short.
Selecting each one, show its corresponding position followed by the net position ( 1 - Flat ) for the Long or ( 1 - Flat ) for the Short.

The same technique applies when having 2 longs or 2 shorts, each one with its own Entry, Target and Stop...

Hope this be helpful for your Trading !


Tuesday, February 3, 2015

EMA Setup for Ninjatrader

WE have discussed several times in the past the EMA Setup for Ninjatrader, as we can see on the links at the end of this article.

Today we are reviewing again the EMA, and its counterpart, the Bouncer.

The EMA Setup is one of the easiest to learn and trade ; it only uses an EMA ( Exponential Moving Average ) and a Fixed Envelope.

The EMA is included on all Platforms, including Ninjatrader.

The Fixed envelope are 2 lines located at a fixed distance from the EMA, one above and the other below.

Most of the Platforms include it. And on Ninjatrader we can get a free version here TIS_EMA_Envelope_Free

On the folowing examples the NEW custom indicator TIS_EMA_V6 will be used

On this example chart we can see an EMA Setup with Neutral Offset.
The EMA is not shown, only the Envelope around it (gray light lines).
When the price touches the Upper Envelope, the trend is Up and the bars are painted in blue.

The Entry Price is at EMA + Offset.

The Blue Points are the Entries, which are located over the EMA because offset is null.

The arrows show the moment where there is an Entry ( compatible with Markers System )

EMA con Offset Neutro

On the next Chart we can see an example with Positive Offset

The Entry Price, shown by the blue dots are over the EMA, at a distance in Ticks equal to Offset.
The type of Order to enter the Market on this Setup is Limit ;

As soon we get a blue dot, we must place a Buy Limit Order over the Blue Dot, and we must update the Entry Price Order each time a blue dot is placed at a different Price.


With the same logic, we can also use a negative offset, being the Entry Price then, below the EMA


As we commented at the start of the post, inverting the logic we have a new Setup that we have already commented in the past ; The Bouncer.

The new version 6 of the Indicator TIS_EMA_V6 has an input parameter to invert the logic as shown on the following picture :


Bouncer Examples :

Using a positive offset we can trade a return of the Market to the EMA after an enough deviation to touch the Envelope :


Using a negative or null offset on this Setup is useful to trades EMAs with bad response to bounces, producing breaks through the EMA most of the times.


As explained on previous posts, if we calculate the performance of trading bounces over an EMA and create a chart of the PnL against the period, we get a Performance Profile Chart (using always the same fixed target and stop)

Usually this profile is composed by a well defined series of peaks and lows.

If those peaks are positive, then those points represent the periods of the EMA to use on profitable EMA Setups

If the Lows are negative, then those points represent the periods of the EMA to use on the Bouncer Setup.

Some times, all the peaks and lows are on the positive side. On those cases there are no successful Bouncer Setups.

If all the peaks and lows are on the negative side, then there is no profitable EMA Setup.

Another point to take into account are the Commissions, because the number of trades depends on the period of the moving average to trade. If possible, we should include the commissions in the report before generating the chart.

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