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Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Markers System - Tutorial #2

Continued from Markers System - Tutorial

As we saw on previous post, Markers can detect objects painted on the Chart, like Arrows, Dots, Vertical Lines, etc ; most of the standard Ninja Objects used by Indicators to paint Entry or Exit Signals.

And when detected, Markers can issue ATM Orders.
An ATM Order includes not only the trade size, but also the number of positions ( 3 on Ninja 7 and unlimited on Ninja 8 ) and the corresponding Stop, Target, Trailing and Auto Breakeven for each position. Read More.

Now, let's compare the 2 versions of Markers ;

FeaturesMarkers LiteMarkers Plus
Number of Objects Supported919
Option to Close PositionsYesYes
Manual & Semi AutoYesYes
Max Daily Loss/ProfitYesYes
Time Windows13
Entry Order TypeMarketMarket / Limit / Stop
Option to Filter SignalsNoYes
Tool to Create SignalsNoYes

Both Markers Versions can be purchased on this link

The Main Differences are these :
  • Markers Lite can automate signals painted by another indicator
    How can I check that my indicator signals are standard Ninja Objects and can be detected ? Read the end of this post to learn about.
  • Markers Plus include several Tools, with which we can create our own Signals and also our own Filters.
    This allows the option to create an unlimited number of trade setups and save them as templates.
    Markers Plus includes a shared library of templates constantly improving and growing.
How can we know if the signals painted by our indicator are standard and can be detected by Markers ? . . . . Just doing double click over the object ; 
If we get the Object Properties Dialog, then it is a Standard Ninja Object and can be detected by Markers.

Example :

If after doing the double click we dont get response or we get the indicator properties window, then this object is not compatible with Markers.

On the following Post, we will cover the features of Markers Plus

Monday, October 10, 2016

Markers System - Tutorial

Welcome to this New Series of Publications about Markers System for Ninjatrader

Markers is a System that allows to automate Signals converting them into Orders.

Example ; if we have an Indicator that paints an Arrow Down on a Short Signal, like this ;

We can use Markers to detect and automate those Red Arrows.

There are 2 versions of Markers ; Lite and Plus

This is what Markers Lite can do ;
We can select 2 different objects with specific Colors ; one to Enter Long, and the other to Enter Short.

Optionally we can also select 2 other objects to close long & short positions

Select an Account where to execute the Orders

Limit the Daily Loss and Daily Profit

All other inputs ( Enable Long, Short, Exits, Manual or Automatic ) can be managed from the Chart Toolbar

We can specify a Time Window inside where we allow trading.
Outside this time window all signals are ignored and current positions are closed.

Continued on Next Post...