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Monday, May 7, 2018


This indicator detects Bar Sequences with the following conditions :
For an Up/Down Signal :

1) N Up/Dn Bars
2) N BArs with a Higher/Lower Close
3) N Bars with a Higher/Lower High
4) N Bars with a Higer/Lower Low
 N Bars with a wick at the Top

6) N Bars with a wick at the Bottom

The Bars are defined as Up/Dn Bars by their Color, which can be the corresponding to the HeikenAshi Smoothing or the Standard Color

This means that this indicator can also paint the classic NBars Signals.

Some other features :

1) Paint the background acording to the last signal detected
2) Adding a Plot with possible values of { +1 ; -1 } cording to the last signal, so it can be used as a filter
3) Option to add an expiration of the trend after a defined number of Bars.
4) Option to Repeat Signals on same direction.

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