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Ninjatrader Products

Welcome to The Indicator Store

We have a wide selection of Products for the Ninjatrader Platform divided on 3 Main Groups :

  • Setup Indicators
  • Semi Automated Setups
  • Fully Automated Strategies

Depending on each Trader Needs, you may be interested in some Products of one Group, or may be a combination of them.

#1 Setup Indicators

On this section you will find a collection of indicators that follow a Setup.
All our Setups are fully explained on this Blog and you will find link to those Setups Descriptions on Each Product Description.
The Indicators on this Group are enough to Trade a Setup on fully Manual Mode. Most of them will produce Audio and Visual Alerts when the Market is on a trade Ready Condition. And also most of them will also indicate the Entry Price where we must Place an Entry Order.

#2 Semi/Full Automated Setups

Now, with Markers System, all Setup Indicators ( and many others) can be automated including Buttons on Chart for Entering Trades.
We can trade manually, placing the Entry Order on the visual Entry Indication or just click on the Side we want to trade ( Long / Short ) and let the indicator to paint a Signal and Markers to execute the Order at the correct Entry Price.
The Orders used are ATM, so we can define multiple positions with its own size, target, stop, trailing and break even settings.
We can Auto Trade the System from Chart Trader using our preferred ATM settings as we were manually trading. All target & stop orders can be moved or cancelled. Positions can be scaled in or out.

#3 Fully Automated Strategies

The same setups can be traded on fully automated way with our systems, allowing to define different day and time trading patterns and several of them with Money Management Features.
These Strategies can be used to :

  • Fully AutoTrade a Setup
  • Backtest & Optimize Settings to be used on #1 & #2

If you are not sure of where to start, send us an email to explaining your needs. We will help and guide you through the best approach to reach your goals.