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Saturday, April 13, 2013

PM_EMA_Bouncer Strategy for Ninjatrader Update

EMA Bouncer Strategy for Ninjatrader - Version 2

We have added a New Configuration to the Bouncer Strategy to allow for New Possible Setups.
The classic use was waiting for price to reach an envelope around a moving Average to be Trade Ready.
Then the trade was in direction to the EMA, and the entry was a Stop order placed somewhere between the trigger envelope and the EMA.
On this new version We are including a possible entry at a bigger envelope than the Entry

On this configuration, the entry order must be limit type.
After a Fill, the strategy waits for a reset before taking new entries.
On these example pictures, the green line is the trigger line.
The yellow line is the entry line.
If the market is impulsing, on a free fall or upside move, after having a loss, the strategy will wait for a reset as shown on the following picture :

This configuration can be used together with the classic style of stop entry above the trigger line :

On this example we can see the firs Long was a limit entry at the yellow line, the second long is a buy stop at the entry envelope

A short YouTube video showing both strategies trading together :

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