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Thursday, September 12, 2013

New PMS_EMA Semi Automatic Strategy

In continuation with our Project of upgrading all our Systems to the New Format of Semi Automatic System so We can Auto Trade from Chart Trader...

The Indicator Store presents the New version of the PM_EMA Setup :

This package (PMS_EMA) contains an enhanced Indicator with the following Features :
  • Option to Paint Bars according to Trend
  • Option to Draw Envelope
  • Option to Generate Audio and Text Alerts
  • Offset Option ( New on this Version )
  • Option to specify ATM Name to execute
  • Option to execute trade by Trade ( Button disables after each trade )
  • Option to take all signals ( Buttons remains enabled after trade )
  • Strategy works in slave mode, receiving data from the indicator
  • Bidirectional communication between the Indicator & Strategy
    ( Indicator receives acknowledge from Strategy to enable sending orders )
On the following picture we can see an example where the indicator is ready to send orders, and Short button is enabled, so it will take the next Short Signal :

On the next example picture, the indicator can not communicate with the strategy, so it can not send orders.
Possible reasons ; Datafeed not connected, not receiving data for the selected instrument or the Strategy is not Ready...

We will continue upgrading all our Setups to use this New System.
Next to come ; ATR_BarColor, PM_Reversal (New Setup)

If you are interested in automate any other System, please ask...
We can convert any indicator into a Fully Auto or Semi Automatic System...

Good Trading !

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