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Wednesday, September 4, 2013

New SRS Semi Automatic Strategy

The Indicator Store present its New Line of Semi Automatic Systems

Our First Product using this system is the SRS.

As you remember, with the SRS we get an Audio and Visual Alert indicating a possible entry :

On the Alert Window We can identify the Symbol ( CL 10-13 ) and the possible entry.

So We watch at the CL 10-13 Chart and place the Entry Order ; a Buy Stop over the Cyan Diamond :

We continue updating the Order Entry Price while the Cyan Dot moves...

... or Cancel the Entry Order if Dot disappears and bars turn gray

The New Version of the Semi Auto SRS includes an updated Indicator that places Buttons on the Chart, as seen on previous pictures.
This indicator has the following Input Parameters, including settings for the ATM name, the same that we use on Chart Trader. So we can control the trade size, trailing stop, targets & Stops from the Indicator, by just changing the ATM Name...

Watch this YouTube Video to see how it works :

Please post any suggestion or question...

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