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Wednesday, April 9, 2014

The Best Combo Setup for Ninjatrader

The Best Combo Setup for Ninjatrader is the confluence of other good setups. 


Today on this post we are going to explain how to join signals from 2 successful setups into a combo ; The SRS and Reversal Combo.

For those who dont know the SRS and/or Reversal, this is just a brief review ;

  • SRS is a complete system that we can configure to trade with the trend or against the trend. Take a look at the end of this post for a presentation about it.
  • Reversal is a Stochastic Signal Triggering that indicates possible Market Reversals. At the end of this post there is also a presentation.
On SRS, we use Stop Entry Orders ; Buy Stop to Enter Long, and Sell Stop to Enter Short.
The SRS shows the Entry Price with Diamonds ; we just place a Buy Stop over a Cyan Diamond or a Sell Stop over an Orange Diamond.
Those Diamonds are drawn and located on Real Time.
There are Visual and Audio Alerts
The Reversal places colored Dots on possible reversal bars in Real Time, so we can use it as a filter ; only place an SRS Order if there is a possible Reversal signal.
On this Crude Oil Futures Range 9 Chart we can see that the highest Bar has a Red Reversal Dot above and an Orange SRS Diamond below. Those signals are drawn while the bar is painting, so we have enough time to place the Sell Stop Order over the Orange Diamond

On this Natural Gas Chart we can see that we started having SRS Entry Signals 2 bars before the Reversal Dot.
When that bar is painting we can place the Sell Stop Order over the last painted SRS Orange Diamond.

We can see that there are only 2 Entries where both SRS and Reversal Signals are present, both winners.
We can also see Green Dot on Reversal Buy Signals against the trend without SRS support.

This example includes another Setup ; the EMA
The only Entry with SRS and Reversal Signals confluence resulted on a big winner, and there was also a confluence with the TIS_EMA Setup.

Related Information about used Setups

Presentation about SRS Setup

Presentation about Reversal Setup

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