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Saturday, May 23, 2015

New Markers Plus System for Ninjatrader

New Markers Plus System for Ninjatrader ( Markers v3 )

Hello Traders !

The New release of the Markers System, version 3 is now called Markers Plus, and includes lot of new features that let the trader create its own trade setup as we will describe on this post.

As explained on the previous article, Markers detects an object painted on the Chart and Executes an ATM Order if that object meets our criteria.
It is also possible to close a position if a particular object is detected.

Examples of Use

Going Long on a Cyan Arrow and Short on a Red Arrow

Same as before but Closing Positions at Orange Diamonds

It is possible to define a Time Trading Window ( useful for automating a setup )

Setting the trading time to trade only from 8:45 AM to 3:45 PM
( note that time is in 24 hours format including seconds : HHMMSS )

Settings to trade the night from 11PM to 2 AM

The Markers Plus System places a ToolBar on the Chart that allows the user to Enable or Disable Longs and Shorts, switching from automatic to semi automatic mode and selecting the ATM Setting

Markers includes also a Money Management Module to protect your Account and limit the Daily Loss and Daily Profit to the level specified by the user.

The New Markers Plus package includes the following tools to create user defined filters :

  • PMS_Markers_v3
  • TIS_Aux_Plot
  • TIS_Aux_Diff
  • TIS_Aux_Cond_And
  • TIS_Aux_Slope
  • TIS_Aux_Plot_Paint
  • TIS_Aux_XO_Marker

Added Features from last version (2.1) :

  • New Filter Using External Plots Conditions
    Any indicator with plots can be used to filter Longs and/or Shorts
  • New Auxiliary Indicators used as Condition Builder
  • Now Markers remind its buttons state even after a refresh
    If you add indicators to your Chart or change the settings of Markers or any other Indicator all Markers variables are retained ( as on v2.1 ) and also the button's state is restored ; no need to enable buttons again.

With the TIS_Aux_Plot Indicator it is possible to copy the values of any line of any Indicator present on the Ninjatrader Indicator List into an auxiliary variable.

For more info about the use of these Indicators please watch these ;

YouTube Videos :

Best Regards,
Pablo Maglio

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