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Friday, July 19, 2013

Ninjatrader Indicators - The Indicator Store - Trade Log 2013-07-19

Today is Options Expiration Day and also Crude Oil Contract Rollover, so it has been a tough trading day

These are System Trades for Today :

This was a short on Crude Oil ( on the New September Contract ) using the Ichimoku Setup.
The entry at signal required a long stop ( over the Kumo ) but it was also possible to get short at the Kumo retest

This was the first signal on the Ichimoku, but the setup was not complete because the Kumo was still in red, so supporting a short, not a long as the signal ; so... no trade

ATR Bar_Color Setup on Crude Oil ( on old contract )

SRS Setup on CL ( tough day today... only a good management on the last short would allow end on positive side )

SRS Setup on Gold ( wonderful day, 8 winners >15 ticks, one 15 ticks loser )

PM_EMA Setup on Dow Jones - 6 Range Chart ( 6 Winners )

You can get more info about these setup on this blog ; use the search tool to find SRS, PM_EMA or Ichimoku to find related posts...

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