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Monday, July 29, 2013

Ninjatrader Indicators - The Indicator Store - Trade Log 2013-07-29

Trade Log for July, Monday 29

SRS Setup on EURUSD Forex Pair or 6E Futures ( Setup is valid on Forex and Futures )

SRS Setup on Gold ( Current Old August Contract ).
All shorts, all winners.
Last one without a pullback from its entry at 1334 to 1329 ; 5 points = $500 per contract

Attention, be careful with Gold these days, we had today a spitted volume between old ( August ) and New ( December ) Contract. possible rollover to GC 12-13 tomorrow

SRS Setup on Crude Oil ( CL )
last short had a retest at pit session open

PM_EMA setup on Dow Jones ( YM ) ; 2 Long Winners + 1 Short stopped out

..a short order is pending at 15476

..last short was a winner

ATR BarColor Setup on Crude Oil
( Not one of its best days , slightly breakeven )

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